December 17


‘World’s largest’ airship coming to NASA Ames in Mountain View

From Mercury News:

A really big blimp is on its way to NASA Ames Research Center.

The Bullet Class 580, considered the world’s largest airship by volume, will have a new home at Moffett Field’s Hangar 2 as it prepares for a first flight, possibly in February, NASA announced last week.

The company developing the airship, E-Green Technologies Inc./21st Century Airships, has leased roughly 24,000 square feet of hangar space from NASA Ames beginning Jan. 1. The ship, 235 feet long and 65 feet in diameter, is expected to arrive in Mountain View packed into two 40-foot shipping containers this month or early next month, said Diane Murphy, spokeswoman for the Alabama-based company.

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