April 12


Archive Gallery: Revisiting the Golden Age of Zeppelins

Article from Popular Science:

When it comes to retrofuturism, few motifs lie closer to our hearts than the 1920s-style airship. These majestic “whales of the sky,” once considered a standard feature of future skylines, had an unfortunate tendency to burst into flames or get caught in thunderstorms. Only in the imaginations of science fiction enthusiasts do they continue flourishing.

Their demise is regrettable, considering our enthusiasm for their development in the 1920s. After serving the German army in World War I, zeppelins garnered popular appeal when Hugo Eckener re-established them as vessels of peaceful air travel rather than as weapons of warfare. Although Germany continued dominating the industry, American and British manufacturers produced airships that — for better or for worse — changed the course of aviation.

Read more here: http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-04/archive-gallery-revisiting-golden-age-zeppelins

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